Why Me?

Why me?


Normally I didn’t care if Keyshia, my older sister, introduced me to her boyfriends. Maybe it was because my love life was in such shambles. For two year I was faithful to Jeremy. I was dedicated to him; I fell in love with him. No matter how hard I try to hate him, I love him more. Maybe I’m a fool but I can’t help it. I can’t go there again love simply isn’t enough here. The burning pain when I pee is reason enough. Being with one man and not sleeping around, I thought that I would avoid STD’s, and find the one man that I would settle down with.

How wrong was I? I didn’t avoid STD’s, or find the one man for me. I found the man that was everybody else’s man as well. I was sharing my man and never knew it. Never again am I going to make that mistake of trusting a man with my heart.


“Karmen, come on get up. You’re off work lets spend some sister time together.” I looked up at Keyshia and tried my hardest to smile. “Sis, I don’t really feel like getting up,” knowing Keyshia that wasn’t good enough for her. “Are you going to let Jeremy take your social life as well? You’ve been in this damn house for almost two week, get your ass up out the bed and get dressed.” With that she left the room before I could respond.


Does she think telling me to get up I will? Well she as another thing coming. She’s not my mother. I don’t want to go out and I’m not going out. I just want to sit here and wallow in self-pity. Jeremy is probably in some woman’s bed right now. Why wasn’t I woman enough for him? That’s what I get for going out with an older man. I was probably not woman enough to satisfy him. What am I talking about obviously I wasn’t, he slept around.     



The End

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