The Anime ScareMature

Matt's POV

Jessie (The ex-cop) Said I could go to the library with Jay after school. I was happy because I could get some new reading material. Jay walked up to me.

"Matt what did he say?"

"Awesome. Come on."

He dragged me across the street to the county library, then to the front desk.

"Hey Lil' got our new student Matt here. Card?"

"Matt huh, Don't mind my little brother. He means well even if he comes on to strong. Here you go."
"Thank you, miss."
"Please call me Lil'. Miss makes me feel old."
"Okay, Lil'."

She ruffled his hair and looked at Jay,

"You could learn something called respect from your friend here."
"I'll give you my respect when you've earned it, Sis."

She laughed and told them...

"You should start in the anime section. We just got a huge shipment of Yaoi."
"Awesome, come on Matt."
"It's a type of manga, you'll like it."

I let him drag me to the Manga section. He immediately pulled down 4 Mangas then handed another 3 to me.

"Read and learn."
I nodded opening it up. First thing I saw...I fainted.

Jayden's POV

Oh... GOD! Did I kill him? I got a good look at the Manga he'd been reading. I'd handed him the most terrify Yaoi ever on accident. When I meant to hand him a very light set. DAMM! I picked him up and went back to the desk.

"Sis, can I have some smelling salts?"

"You knocked him out?!"
"I accidently handed him Terrifying Night Fright."
"You idiot!"

"Just gimme."

She handed me the smelling salts. When Matt woke up she hit me so hard my head was reeling.


"Please stop yelling." Matt asked quietly. Lil' drew him into a hug.

"It's okay, it's okay. Terrifying Night Fright to adult for most adults. Not all Yaoi is like that. Will you give it another shot?"
"Okay, Lil'."
"Nice boy. JAYDEN! Show him happy love instead next time. That why it builds up instead of full out naughty."

"Okay sis."

I walked him over to the shelf and gave him the Manga my sister recommended. He sat down and began to read. I kept an eye on him, just in case that proved to much for him. After an hour we both finished our Manga. He found a couple more by same author and then went to the novels to look around. I checked out the new ones by my favorite author when he came over. 4 Manga and 4 novels. Good job.

"Don't bring the Manga to school okay."


The End

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