Fight at the FlagMature

Jayden's POV

I had Matt call his adoptive parent on my cell and tell him what happened. The guy agreed to let him stay for the fight till the late bus came since the fight was about him. I heard him yelling about what he could to Jake if he ever met the boy. From castration to TA-zing his jewels. I almost felt sorry for Jake. Almost. No one goes after my goal and abuses it. He walked over. Half the school had stayed. Including some of the teachers. Jake threw the first punch. I caught it and threw my own hitting him right in the face. We both knew he'd be lucky to get a shot in and he'd leave barley conscious. I had to hand it to him though. He would try. I kicked him in the jewels next to end the fight early and painfully. He hit the ground. I kicked him while he was done and said one thing.

"Stay away from my Matt."
Matt heard me and shook with fear. I immediately regretted it. But it was the only way to make sure this didn't happen again. Jake nodded as he got up. I walked over to Matt and pulled him to the side of the school.

"I only said that so they'd leave you alone. If I hadn't this would happen again."
He nodded. I wish I could say that he really was mine. I was tempted to kiss him, but that might ruin our friendship. Plus I'd just met the guy today. I wasn't going to force myself on him. Because then I was just as bad as Jake.

Matt's POV

I understood why Jayden had to say that but...I still didn't like it. He sat on the bus in silence. There was nothing to say. After we got off I found out he lived 2 houses down from me. Weird.

"Hey, Matt. Wanna go to the library tomorrow?"
"I'll ask."

"Tell me tomorrow."

The End

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