New Home? New Life?Mature

Matt's POV

I was supposed to meet the man who adopted me today. I was scared. Then I was told I would be starting school tomorrow. I inwardly cursed my rotten luck. There would be incositerate...people there. More than I could ever meet. The man walked over. I could smell the beer on his breath. Great, another bad thing added to my life since my rescue. The man who adopts me is a drunk. Huh I guess I should be used to it. Life sucks. He drove me to his house. And took me to a room.

"This is your room. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Be late and risk not getting any."
I nodded. He wasn't so bad after all.

"Remember to wash your hands before you come down, bathrooms down the hall."

I nodded again and walked in. It was small, but it would be my own as long as I lived here. He didn't seem to bad for a drunk. There was an alarm clock. It was set to go off tomorrow at 6 so I could be ready for school I guess. There was a computer with a note and a backpack next to it. The note said 'for school only.' I smiled he was nice enough to get my room furnished with a computer and school supplies. I went threw the backpack. Everything I could possibly need from calculator to a binder. There was a class list too. And a combination for looker 561. Huh... He had everything out for me. Even P.J. and school clothes with a note that said. 'I'll only do this once. You have more clothes in the closet.' Nice guy. By the time I was done exploring I had 10 minutes before dinner. I washed my hands and came down. I was beginning to like it here.

"Every night we have dinner same time. In the morning there's cereal, I assume you can make that and your sign-ed up for school lunch. On the week-ends lunch is a sandwich or left overs."

I nodded. I could remember all that pretty easily. This wouldn't be so bad.

The next day

Jayden's POV

As I walked to the bus stop I was meet with a new face. Since I was usually the only one at this bus stop, I figured he must be new. I got a good look at him. He was small and didn't seem to notice that I coming. Strawberry blond hair and when he looked up I could see dark green eyes. My kind of boy. Feminine looking but still boy-ish. I walked up to him and touched his shoulder to get his attention. He jumped.

"What's your name?"
"Matt Kingsly." he answered me quietly. I recognized that name. It was on the news yesterday. Matt Kingsly had just been found last month after being missing for 8 years. He was said to have been raped and abused during that period of time. No wonder the kid was scared. I smirked. I would fix that.

"Hi, Matt, my names Jayden Knightly, but everyone calls me Jay. Nice to meet you."
He nodded. He was the quiet type I guess.

The bus pulled up. I got on and so did he. He was about to pass me after I sat down. I grabbed his hand and softly pulled him next to me. No one noticed except Jake. He was always trying to find a way to beat me. Now I cursed myself inwardly. Now the bastard would try to hurt or take Matt just to get back at me.

"Matt what classes do you have?"

"Umm... AP science, math 3, P.E. 2, AP History, AP science, and culinary 3."

"In that order?"
"That's odd. those are all my classes."

His eyes got wide. He looked so cute.

"So...Are you the Matt Kingsly from the news?"

He gulped.


"Don't be scared, I won't tell any one."

He nodded.

"Plus. won't it be nice knowing someone in every class?"

He nodded again.

After history

Matt's POV

I was walking to my locker, when I suddenly found my self face to face with the wall. There has a hand at my back. I tried to turn my head to see what was going on. But got it pushed back into the wall. Then suddenly I wasn't against the wall anymore. I was being marched to the janitors closet. I was shaking in fear. Once I was inside whatever had forced me in here came in too. I got a good look at the face of this person. He had long black hair and brown eyes. He was eyeing me like prey and I didn't like it.

"So Matt, word is that your Jayden's latest slut. If your good enough to turn him on let's see how well you handle me."

I was shaking, but I still answered.

"I'm no one's slut." It was the truth I was no ones slut, never was because a slut wants what they get. And I never wanted it.

He hit me, hard. I was praying someone would come save me.

"Never argue with me, bitch."

I nodded in fear. He began stroking the side of my face. If I could back up any farther I would. Then I heard someone outside the door. I yelped out one quiet word.


The door was busted open and suddenly Jayden was there.

"JAKE! You, Me, outside the school, 3:05." He was yelling and cursing the boy who'd had me cornered.

"I'll be there." He walked out and Jayden walked over to me.

"Are you okay."
"I'm o-okay, just s-scared."

He nodded.

"I'll make sure he never touches you again."

"T-thank y-you."

"No problem, I don't like hearing about someone calling my friends sluts. Especially when they corner them in the janitors closet."
I nodded as he helped me to my locker.

The End

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