Chocolate Orange DVD

Hester bit into the apple and let the juice run down her chin and onto her fresh school shirt.

Her arch enemy, Mr Woodford, folded his arms and smiled. "You've got juice on your shirt," he pointed out.

Sticking out her tongue, Hester didn't wipe the juice off. It would stain her collar, but Hester didn't care.

"It'll stain your collar," Mr Woodford said smarmily.

"Stop saying what I'm thinking," Hester told her teacher stubbornly. "It is very annoying."

Mr Woodford raised his hands defenceivley, but shuffled closer. One moment they were both stock still, Hester eyeing him suspiciously, and then Mr Woodford had sprung forewards and wiped the juice off her collar with a sheet of Kleenex.

Hester stalked off, angry. "You say your form's name wrong!" She yelled over her shoulder as an afterthought.

Warren chuckled.

The End

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