Washed And Ready To Eat Fruit/Vegetables

I was walking through a supermarket the other day and I glanced at the vegetable section. On one side you have all the fresh and unprepared vegetables, on the other you have the washed, scrubbed and ready chopped vegetables you can buy in packets. If you glance at these vegetables your see that these packets contain exactly what you’d expect, vegetables that have quite simply been prepared like you would at home, except they are wrapped in plastic. Fair enough I think, some people are a little too lazy to do it themselves, or perhaps, to be fair, they don’t have a lot of time.

It’s the price tag that really annoys me. You can buy a kg of carrots for around 48p, that’s fairly reasonable, unlike the washed and ready to eat carrots that will cost you about £2.50. £2.50! For what!? Just so I don’t have to run them under a cold tap for a couple of seconds and spend about 20 seconds peeling them? Bugger off! They aren’t even ready to eat though are they, you have to cook them! For £2.50 I’d at least expect to have them cooked for me!

Of course there’s also their name. Carrot Batons, BATONS!? How in the hell are they batons, I can never remember using a carrot to run a relay race at a school sports day, no no, we used those metal rods, carrots are far too impractical, I think you’d loose them in the change over.

The End

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