Adult Editions of Children's Books

Ok, this particular feature is a little out-of-date, perhaps even a little hypocritical, but bear with me. There’s a few books out there (ie the Harry Potter books) that you can buy as “Adult Editions” These adult editions are exactly the same as the regular editions except they have a more grown up, more sophisticated cover. Why exactly? So people won’t know that they are reading a children’s book. It doesn’t really work though to be honest does it!?

Case and point. A while ago I was on a train, I know, I know, ME on public transport! I digress. The man opposite me was reading, I glanced at the book, it was the last Harry Potter book. “Fair enough” I thought but then I looked again, he had one of those adult editions! What was he hoping to achieve? Did he think I would glance at the book, ignore the title and just casually assume he was reading a first edition of “Love in the time of Cholera”!? Or perhaps the grown up cover would have made me assume that he was actually reading a new Harry Potter Book, perhaps “Harry Potter and the International Peace Crisis” ?No, just no.

It’s the future prospects that scare me. The idea that adults will be sitting together in trendy wine bars and talking about their latest book.

“What are you reading at the moment?”

“I’m reading an absolutely riveting book, its called “The Dog Who Thought he was a Cat” Its basically about a dog who acts like a cat”

“Oh I’ve read that book! Its splendid”

“Oh, don’t tell me how it ends!”

“Don’t worry I won’t, wow I wish I was reading it for the first time again, its pretty moving!”

I would have liked to fairly punish the man of the train, but I didn't have a steamroller handy.

The End

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