Why I Weep For Humanity; the snide observations of a grumpy young man

This is something I resurrected from one of my old accounts. You may find a lot of it a bit outdated so I apologise. Enjoy.

Oh, and cheer up.

On our journeys through life we all come across things we don’t like, things we hate, things we would like to see wiped off the face of the earth. I, more than others, come across these things on an almost daily basis. Life is of course too short to spend it ranting, but then again....

This introduction will hopefully ease you into the madness you are about to read. Some of it will be clever. Some of it will be dated. Some of it will be downright mental.

Whatever your likes and dislikes, hopefully I can sway you into my way of thinking.

Have fun ;)

The End

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