Our New Apartment

When we lived in the other place, we lived in a little hut barely big enough to support a husband and wife, let alone a small family of four, but we somehow managed. Now, as we entered the large lobby of a giant building, I was amazed. There were rich, dark brown wood pillars right in front of the door on the inside, bloodred walls, and light brown paneling on the bottom of the wall. There was offwhite carpeting as far as the naked eye could see. There was a beautiful oak staircase in the middle of the room, and beautiful sapphire blue couches and chairs.

"It looks like a five star hotel..." Aitan said dreamily. He was looking around with wonder on his face. He was clearly amazed.

We walked up the stairs and walked straight to the door with the number 572 on it.

As Aléanna opened the door, she said, "Welcome to your new home, children."

The End

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