What I Woke Up To See

When I woke up, there was the disgusting smell of smoke and pollution. The small town we lived in did have enough money to buy and keep a bus, but they did not have enough to fully repair it. The windows were broken out, and that is how I could smell the scents of outside the bus. What I saw was worse than the smell. The big buildings, the many people, the roads were different here than they were back home. I was guessing this was Saskatchewan. Of course, it was not how I expected it to look, and I told that to Aitan.

"Well, Aléa, what did you expect? Did you expect it to be like some sort of jungle paradise with waterfalls and exotic birds?" He replied, laughing his rich, contagious laugh and I had no choice but to join in.

"Thank you for being a good brother, Aitan! You're the best brother a girl could have!" Aléa whispered, then she threw her arms around her brother's thin waist before they got off the bus.

"Okay, okay! You're going to tip us over!" Aitan shouted happily.

The End

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