Our Move To A New Place

Aitan woke me up one morning and said we were leaving. Moving to a new place. Escaping, he called it.

"We're escaping slavery." He told me. "They're looking for Aléanna and Akhavya, right now. Aléanna told me to wake you, Aléa."

Mother and Father told us they wanted us to call them by their names, not by Mother and Father. They said it made them feel old, but I don't think that's the real reason. Aitan says they aren't our real parents. He said our real parents were killed in a car crash and Aléanna and Akhavya jus adopted us.

"That's why they don't want us to call them Mother and Father." He explained it. "It makes them feel guilty that they couldn't give us a better life."

I don't know how that works, but whatever.

We packed what little things we had and brought them to  Aléanna and Akhavya. They loaded them onto the bus and we set off.

I fell asleep to the pelting of rain on the bus window and didn't wake up once.

The End

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