Chapter 5

The apartment was bigger than our village! Grey wall-to-wall carpeting, light blue walls, and chocolate brown furniture. The kitchen and living room were roomy, with lots of things to take in. I felt that I could like this country.

We looked in the rooms and were thoroughly amazed. Hardwood floors, light brown walls, and king-sized beds in each of them. Dressers with more room than we had clothes, and walk-in closets. It was every girl's dream.

I dropped onto my bed and immediately fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day, Olufemi took us shopping for clothes of this country while Karim left for his first day of work.

I got a whole closet's worth of Canadian clothes. Mutegi got all jeans and t-shirts, not paying attention when Olufemi told him Canadian winters were cold.

All that week, we payed special attention to the country's odd culture, and got ready for school. We would start the following Monday.

The End

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