Chapter 4

Where we lived back home, we lived in a little hut made for one person, but we somehow managed.

Now, as we entered the large lobby of a giant apartment building, I was amazed. The city had paid for our home and transport so that my father and mother could work for them, but I hadn't been expecting a home like this. The were rich, dark brown wood pillars beside the doors on the inside, bloodred walls, and light brown panelling on the bottom half of the walls. There was a beautiful oak staircase in the middle of the room, and sapphire blue couches bordering the room.

"It's beautiful," Mutegi murmured dreamily.

We made our way to the fifth floor and approached the door labeled 542.

As Karim opened the door with a flourish, he exclaimed, "Welcome to your new home, children!"

The End

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