Chapter 3

When I woke up, there was the disgusting smell of smoke and pollution drifting in through the broken windows of the bus. The small town we lived in had enough money to buy a bus and keep it running, but they did not have enough to fully repair it. What I saw was even worse than the smell. The big buildings, and the many people were different here than they were back home. I was guessing this was Saskatchewan. Of course, it was not how I expected it to look, and I told that to Mutegi.

"Well, Abla, what did you expect? Did you expect a jungle paradise with waterfalls and exotic birds?" He laughed his rich, contagious laugh and I had no choice but to join in.

"Thank you for being a good brother Mutegi." I threw my arms around my brother's thin body as we got off the bus.

"Hey! We'll fall over!" Mutegi shouted, laughing.

The End

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