Chapter 2

Mutegi woke me up one morning and said we were leaving home. Escaping, he called it.

"We're escaping slavery," he told me. "They're looking for Olufemi and Karim right now. Olufemi told me to wake you up, Abla."

Mother and father told us they wanted us to call them by their names, not Mother and Father. Mutegi says it's because they're not our real parents. He said our real parents were captured by the Invaders. He said Olufemi and Karim just adopted us.

"That's why they don't want us to call them Mother and Father," he explained. "It makes them feel guilty they couldn't save our real parents."

Mutegi always told me stories about our real parents, though if Olufemi and Karim caught us, we'd get thrashed.

"Mother was beautiful. She wasn't like us. She had white skin and green eyes and crimson hair. Father was like us, though. He had dark skin, hair, and eyes. Olufemi always tells me I look like Father and you look like Mother, even with your dark skin."

I ran my dark hand through my crimson hair and looked at Mutegi's green eyes. We were different, Mutegi and I. I had our mother's hair and father's eyes and skin. Mutegi had our mother's eyes, and father's hair and skin.

As we packed our posessions, Mutegi told me about how mother used to sing to him.

"She had a voice like the birds, Abla. It was beautiful."

All of our things packed, we loaded onto the bus that would take us to Canada, and we set off.

I fell asleep to the pelting of rain on my window and didn't wake up once...

The End

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