Why I am here

A poem or story about the meaning of life. There are so many different opinions about it... Please add to it too!

Why am I here?

And where is here?

I guess it's life.

I guess it's here.

Many people live for different things.

Many people live for many different things.

Many people live for things that are connected and that aren't connected. 


The dancer lives for her routine

The pianist lives for her music

The singer lives for her lyrics


The writer lives for her words.


a dancer-pianist-singer-writer could live for all these things

and it might still not be enough.

And it might still not be worth it.

And it might still be missing that one thing.


Any kind.

The dancer loves his dance

The pianist loves his piece

The singer loves his song


The writer loves his book.

All of them, including the


could have love, for another


That's why I am here.

That's what I am going to find.

That's what I will find.

The End

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