Why do it?Mature

some people don't even know what it's like to have someone be nice to you, include your own stories if yo have every been bullied

"OMG are you actually part German? You must be a relation of Hitler!" "Yeah, she is, look can't you see her mastache?" They laughed as they continued to torment my friend, all I did was sit there, I was too afraid to say anything, how could I? I have known them for four years and I had only met her a few months ago.

Why were they being like this, it was so unlike them, no one else understood it either, but from following their example one by one, they had only focused on her flaws not the fact that she is really nice and friendly.

I looked over to where Lilly was sitting, desperately trying to convey to her how much it disgusted me, she nodded, we were the only ones who were nice to Tori, the only ones who cared, and yet...we never stopped them.

"Why is your hair so bushy? It looks like pubic hair!" Trisha said, and they laughed again, ignoring the fact that it was obviously causing Tori great pain. "I don't know why my hair is like this, alright? It's always been like this, I don't care what you think!" She burst "Your hair is only like that because you straighten it" she said looking at Trisha "and your hair has so obviously been bleached that you might as well have painted it!" she said turning to Lucy.

I groaned internally, now she had done it, rule number one, never react. Trisha and Lucy looked at one another, it was better than they could have hoped for! Trisha started "actually, the reason my hair is like this is beause I actually wash it, wish also proves that I also bother having a bath, when was the last time that you had a bath?" I rolled my eyes, they asked her this question everyday and loved to see if she made any action that made it look like she was lying. "For your information, my hair is like this because I actually care about getting a boyfriend, not that that is going to happen to you, your already sitting next to the girl that you want to be with, well sorry to burst your bubble but she already has a boyfriend!" Lucy said, winking at me, I made no responce, just kept looking down at my work.

"I don't want to end up with her, I don't like girls in that way and I never will!" Tori said in annoyance, I could hear Lilly's small moan as she prepared for the next part. "Well thats nice! For your information she would be way out of your league anyway!" Lucy said, I hated this, Lucy is, in reality, one of my best friends, what could possibly push her to do this? "I had no idea that you were a homophobic lesbian! Didn't think that there were such things!" Trisha cut in, and they laughed again.

"Just ignore her!" Lucy loudly whispered to me "You are way prettier than her! She is so ugly!" I screwed up my eyes, a responce was on the tip of my tongue but I was too afraid of being laughed at to say anything, I'm a coward, I know I should have said something, but I was too afraid of what happened at my primary school happening again, I was selfish and just sat there. Tori just looked at Lucy and then said "You are just as ugly!" and with that she stormed out of our chemistry lesson without a second glance.

We were all in shock, then one by one, they all started laughing, "what the hell is wrong with her?" "Did you see that Mrs. Joncha?" "Can't believe that she just did that, what an idiot!" 

These phrases were repeated throughout the lab, I screwed my eyes tight shut and massaged my forehead. "I don't believe her!" Lucy said to Trisha, slight shock on her face, Trisha, who looked calmer said "Just ignore her, she is such a bitch!"

Mrs. Joncha came over to our table and said "do you have any idea why Tori just did that?" she asked in conern, we all looked at her, Lilly opened her mouth as if to say something but changed her mind and shut it.

Maria suddenly gave a shriek "I don't believe it! Look, what the hell is that sticking out of her bag?" she said pointing at a small tube with what looked like pills, poking out of a side pocket in Tori's bag.

Mrs. Joncha looked at me pointedly, so I sighed, bent down, and pulled them out "They're just stress relief pills, not crack!" I said simply. "I need to email this to your head of year, students mustn't have pills without our permission!" she mumbled, shuffling back to her seat. 

Lilly spoke up "Mrs. Joncha, shouldn't someone go and make sure that she is alright?" Mrs. Joncha nodded and, pulling me with her, Lilly left the lab.  

The End

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