10:30 pm October the 3rdMature

Tory, Erica, Jenna, and Mindy met at Mindy’s apartment to smooth out the logistics. They drank too much again, gossiped, and Tory check her phone every minute to make sure Cameron was staying in his place, but by midnight they knew the premise of their research and how they would begin. Phase One was to be initiated the following evening. Erica even called to cancel plans with Sam — making their girls night official. 

“We only want the worst kind of men there,” Mindy said with a bit more excitement than necessary.  

The conversation shifted in other directions.  

“How’d she find out again?” Jenna asked, sitting cross-legged on an overstuffed chair. “About . . . .  . .Cameron.” She had been too polite to ask Meredith earlier.

“She saw them,” Erica said. “Together. In that new Mongolian place in —”

“The red light district?” Tory shot in.

Erica made a face. “Brooklyn.”

“Same thing,” Tory replied into her wine glass as she tipped in back. 

The group laughed but Jenna wasn’t satisfied. “She just happened to be there while he was cheating?”

Mindy frowned. “I heard someone tipped her off.”

“Someone did,” Erica said. “It was that guy from Cameron’s floor. The tall one, we see on their floor sometimes — Mr. Green Eyes.”

Tory snapped. “David,” she said. 

Erica shook her head. 

Mindy tried next. “Dalton?”

“Hardly,” Tory drawled.

“It does start with a D right?” Mindy asked. 

“I believe so. I’m sure Sam’s mentioned him, but.....” Erica trailed off on a shrug.

The consensus was that it did, in fact, start with a D. The name was still following out in the plasma of the universe though. It was swept over however — his name didn’t matter anymore that the skank’s name did. Right now nothing matter beyond avenging Meredith and finding the worst man alive.

That was the first night they spoke of Daniel Caper.

The End

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