Sometime after midnight, October the 2 1/2ndMature

“Why do marriages fall apart?”

Mindy’s question had to find it’s way past Jerry Maguire, Beethoven’s fifth symphony, the clatter of spoons in ice cream, and the sounds of Tory crushing a soda can before Jenna heard it. (To be fair, Erica may have heard also, but being the morose drunk that she was, made no comment). 

Always the logical one, Jenna answered seriously. “Well, a myriad of reasons: adultery, mid-life crises, illegitimate children — ”

“I mean that philosophically, Jen,” Mindy cut her off. “I know why most marriages end.”

“Oh,” Jenna said. She looked confused. “I don’t understand.”

“She wants to know why men always ruin things,” Tory guessed, collapsing into an armchair. “Am I right?”

Mindy nodded. (Tory was vaguely surprised — that had been mostly the alcohol speaking.) “Or why we always have to want what we can’t have.”

Jenna caught on. “Or change who we are.”

“Or screw everything that walks.”


The End

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