Why Daniel Caper is the Perfect ManMature

After Meredith Poole is betrayed by her husband, she and her friends get very drunk and have a very bad idea. They develop criteria and set off in search of the perfect man. Their progress catches the interest of a national magazine and sends them across the pond to talk to boys with sexy accents - finally discover to what was there all along.



 Our story begins in the between time of October 2nd  and October 3rd, in the early-late hours that are really neither day.  Wheels (lying, cheating wheels)  had been turned on October the 2nd and would put the actions on the 3rd into motion. Apologizes should be distributed before hand, as October 2nd is a very poor day to meet the girls of the seventh floor of the downtown New York Athens Building.

Word that Meredith Poole’s husband had been cheating on her spread quickly through the Athens employees, splitting the residents as they joined their respective parties. In tried-and-true fashion the workers split seemingly down the middle: boys verus girls (excluding the fifth floor which was a up-and-coming designer and whose employees were mostly gay men who fell on Meredith’s side.) 

This rift made things at the office very awkward, as the doorman was a Cameron but the janitorial staff was headed by a Meredith. So whenever Kirk refused entrance to a Meredith, Josephine would stop cleaning the Cameron’s restrooms. The entire office operated on this tug-of-war, tit-for-tat system as the two warring clans made no attempts to reconcile.    

In fact, the very opposite was occurring.

The night of the 2nd, after the tequila had been drunk, hexes had been preformed, pictures and metaphorical bras had been burned, it was the boss that had the idea. 

Mindy St. James was the regional manager of the small publishing firm, Pallas, but she was also (formerly) their biggest author. Mindy had made a lucrative career as a romance novelist for Pallas, but had returned to work behind-the-scenes, with the excuse that “her creative juices had all dried up.”

Perhaps it was fated that she be transferred to Meredith’s branch one week before this wretched day because her cynicism (but awesome curiosity) and a drunkenly stated question, concocted the plot that would eventually save them all. 

The End

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