Chapter 4 : Farmer Bill Makes A Shocking Discovery

Kylie pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and another round ball shaped thing popped out. She put it in the henhouse and waited for Farmer Bill to discover the round ball shaped thing. She waited and waited and waited until, finally, Farmer Bill came to the chookhouse. He had run out of food and had no more money so he decided to slaughter some of his beloved chickens. When he arrived at the henhouse, he peeked inside and saw the round ball shaped thing. He took it back to his house to think of a way to eat it. He thought and thought and thought until he thought up a way. He would try to fry it up. He cracked it into the pan. It was a liquid. It cooked and he ate it with pork strips. It tasted wonderful. He had to sell them somehow. Then he remembered the local news. He rang and put an ad in the next day's classifieds. The next morning, there was a really long line outside his door. He sold all his chicken's  eggs and made a whole lot of money

The End

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