Why a teenager?

Well one day in study hall I was bored and started this story feel free to add to it just please keep it interesting and have fun!


Chapter 1


“Eeeeek” went the car breaks as it slid across the ice. Cassie hated the winter time because her car was so bad on the ice. It would slip and slide everywhere. 

“Goodness! why is the road so slippery? Ugh I miss california so bad!”

Cassie was 17, she lived in california till she was 14. She visited her family in California much, but in her opinion not as much as she needed to. When she was 13 her parents got divorced. Cassie also had an older sister, Olivia. Olivia was 17 at the time, so they were pretty close in age. Now Olivia is 21 years old. Olivia goes to collage in California and spends lots of time with her dad because he lives like 15 minutes away from where Olivia’s dorm. Cassie and Olivia are very close, they talk almost everyday about anything that they need to talk about. There best friends for life.

“ Cassandra! Its time to get up!” Kelly her mom said

“Ugh Mom five more minutes!”

“ No Cassie its already 7:45 you have to leave in 15 minutes and if you are gonna do your hair. you need to get up” Kelly replied back

“ Mmk, I’ll get up”

Cassie got up and went to her Green and pink bathroom. Grabbed her strainer, took 5 minutes to straiten her hair. Then put on some black eyeliner and Navy Blue mascara. Ran back to her bedroom and grabbed some blue skinny jeans a green aero shirt and her Holister sweatshirt and then went down to the kitchen to meet her mom with an apple in her hand saying, “ Little girl you need to eat, here” Kelly said while handing her the apple.

“ Okay momma I have to go love ya”

“ Love you too be careful please!”

“ Yeah, Yeah,” 

Cassie then walked out to her Rav 4 and put her purse and backpack in the back seat of the car got in and turned on the radio.

“ Dang! No good music, I’ll put in a C.D.” Cassie said to her self while putting in a C.D

 I wonder how many lights I will catch Cassie said in her head then Laughed out loud.

“ Imma be imma be imma imma imma be imma be imma be imma imma imma be” rang Cassie phone. 

“ Hello?” Cassie said

“ Hey Baby!” Said  Cassie’s boyfriend Lucas

“ Oh Hey hun what’s up?”

“ Nothing really just wondering if you were coming to school?”

“ Oh yeah I am! I need to see your adorable face” Cassie said while blushing

“ Mmk baby I will see you when you get here. Oh and Happy Valentines day”

“ He he I was going wait to wish you one till I saw you but Happy Valentines day, well i am on the street love you see you in a bit bye!” Cassie said while hanging up the phone.

God! He is so hot! Cassie again said in her head over and over. He was the captain of the football team and she was the head cheerleader. They were meant to be. Lucas was not like other guys he was not mean or annoying like the other guys on the FootBall team. Cassie really liked that because then she did not have to worry about him being pervey and not liking he anymore. She gave her all to him and yes, he did give his all back to her. 

Cassie was just ariving at school when the person at the gate told her to stop.

“Yea, Kevin?” Cassie said to the gaurd in question.

“Sorry Cas but people have been sneaking into the school so i just have to see people’s passes.”

“haha yup well here you go” Cassie said while pulling out her wallet and handing kevin her School ID card.

Then Cassie Pulled into the parking lot and spotted out Lucas. He was looking the other way so she ran up and jumped on his back.

“ Ahh!”

“Hehe its just me”

“Oh hey babe”

Then Cassie got on the ground and kissed him.

“ Get a room.” said Claire, Cassie’s best friend.  

" haha well lets go to class Claire! Bye baby cakes" Cassie said to Claire and Lucas

" Okay love you soooooo much have a great day... one more kiss"

Then they kissed one more time and they were off to class.



The End

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