yes, Why?

I just got here, and already I want to leave.

Why is it that I never want to be where I am,

but always somewhere else?

Somewhere better

Somewhere brighter

Somewhere not here.

I put it down to my love to progress,

my love to becoming something new and exciting,

something that only exists in that place between times and space,

something that from where I stand now can only be traced,

not grasped.

I tell myself I’m always moving forwards,

Always better

Always brighter

Always somewhere other than here.

But in that between space there are no directions besides there an here,

and there lies in all cardinal directions.

And maybe I’m not even moving.

Maybe I’m just stepping out of a time

and letting it pass without me,

then stepping back in to something that’s maybe different.

Maybe better

Maybe brighter

Maybe always here.

Did I ever leave at all?

The End

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