It appears that I still have feelings, like I should. I can't wait to be an adult, they can bottle their feelings much better then us. But it's ok, so just today as I first posted this I felt jealousy, I admit it because I am tired of hiding. There is no real reason for me to hide anymore. If there ever was a reason. So I felt jealousy all because of my dear friend, please don't be angry at me Jess, but you are the one who did this. No, it's my fault co getting so touchy. I'm sorry but I was just sad, I am proud of your work. It's like grade three all over again. Now, this is what I want you to do. Make me jealous once more, make another wonderful poem , so you will exceed in your poems. And in my rage I shall write more, isn't hate energy? So I shall use it to my advantage, though I don't hate you, no I hate my sad excuse for talent. And now myself for pity seeking. Besides the point, well good luck. And i wish you well Jess. I await to visit you once more.
The End

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