Can you?

I was driving along the highway, on my way back from my grandmothers with my parents. My Ipod in my lap blasted loud enough, and a runny nose to torment me. Then it happened. I was staring at the sun, yes I know, stupid me staring at the sun. But it was beautiful, then I thought to myself about my favorite color orange, and so I tried to change the sun orange. I stared long and hard and before I knew it the sun was radiating a semi tangerine glow, so I concentrated harder. 'I can make it red' I said to myself, and so it happened. It was most likely just a trick of the mind, but it brightened my day. That is until I went to switch songs on my Ipod, then I couldn't tell what I was doing.

I did it, yes I know I did that. I believe it too. Then this morning, or last night, I had a dream. About meeting my real family. My adoptive parents lead me to a woman and she was staring at me. She said she was a "queen" so I just nodded. I asked who she was and she claimed to be my mother. Then she handed me a large piece of paper. On it was a list, it showed what supposedly was my last name, then that it was the richest family on earth. So I just blinked. Then suddenly, out of the blue, tentacles shot from her mouth, covered in spikes. They dug into my skin but I ripped them away and ran.

Can you dream of something like this? Can you turn the sun red, or tangerine? I've turned it green before, even blue. And when I look at it, I always see a white circle that dances. Or maybe it is just me. Can you do that though? Can you imagine doing that, can you?

The End

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