Wake up

The irritating tone of the alarm clock slowly dragged Frank  out of his deep sleep. He raised his heavy hand to his squinting eyes ,rubbing his already missed dream out of his consciousness.  Swinging his legs out of  bed he began to wearily trudge towards the bathroom.He fumbled frantically for his toothbrush before finally bringing it to his mouth sliding it sluggishly it across his teeth , while thinking of  about the day ahead.

Frank Plodded through the dark corridor of his house raising his head to stare at the clock , "8am"he grunted.His  head  suddenly  flicked to the side, his eyes fixated on the illuminating light on his phone as it vibrated its way across the cabinet top. He snatched it up in confusion as to, who the  hell would ring him so god damn early?!. He Pressed his ear to the reciver where he  was greeted with a friendly voice.

"Yo Frank!"said the voice cheerily


"Hey Frank it's Tommy,"

"Whats up man?"

"Its  station they need you to visit a crime scene .... now!"he exclaimed

"Why what's happening?"


"It's f***** sick Frank, you gotta see it for yourself  its at the holiday woods,......"

The noise in the  background of the police station erupted with the sound of a desperate criminal frantically trying to make an  escape.

"oh sh*t  got to go we got a problem down here Frank, I'm going to have to go  see ya!"

The phone cut out.

" No wait Tommy!Hello,Hello? Tommy? you there? God damn it !"

Quickly  sliding his phone into his pocket, he grabbed  his coat and raced out the door.


The End

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