Who's to say it's Not You?

Chapter 1
"AND DON'T COME BACK," the door slamed. Charlie has been wondering around since the age of 16. He has been to many doctors, mental instiutions, even therapy. His body functioned normally, but it was known something was wrong.
Chapter 2
Charlie sat down under a tree in the park. His eyes glanced at the butterflies fluttering in the air and children playing. Charlie eyes suddently stopped on a family in the park who was having a picnic. The family seem to be having a great time laughing, hugging and putting cake on each others faces. Charlie's face lit up with a smile from ear to ear. Darkness covered his eyes. Charlie looked around confused. Cries of laughter filled the dark room. following the laughter with his eyes he say the that was in the park, but this time a fire underneath them rose burning them alive. Charlie yelled and waved his hands,"Why are you laughing??Run, get out of there! MOVE!" but the family kept on laughing, hugging, and playing with each other as if nothing was happening.

Chapter 3

Charlie woke up to a thumping noise. He slowly rose and turned to his can, it had 1 dollar worth of coins in it. He looked around but no one was in sight. he sighed as he grab his shirt and layed his head apon it watching the can.

The End

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