It's less than an hour before sun rise, and Dwain rides toward the farmhouse, peddling as fast as he can. Aware that Farmer Steve was going to be angry, Dwain should have begun milking the cows an hour ago, Dwain peddles as fast as possible, not paying much attention to his surroundings.

The brightening of the sky made the blue glow around the farm much less noticeable. Nor did Dwain see the meteor in the field, he approached from the other side of the house. Not that he would have noticed the meteor in his haste to keep his job. This wasn't the first time Dwain was late due to shutting down the bar across the street from his house.

Approaching the front of the house, Dwain decides his best course of action is to go into the house, and tell Farmer Steve that he had just arrived (and apologize). The last time he had been late, Dwain just went straight to the farm and began his daily duties. Farmer Steve continued his normal duties not realizing Dwain was starting late. By the time Steve realized this, Dwain was so far behind that it took 2 extra people to get the work done. He almost lost his job that time, this time he would do things differently.

Skidding to a stop in the dirt trail leading to the farm house, Dwain jumps off his bike while it's still moving, allowing it to crash into the ground as he runs to the farm house. He reaches the stairs when he finally realizes that something is not quite right. From the windows and underneath the door shone an odd blue light... and something else as well. A feeling, like a spoken word that was felt rather than heard. At least that was the only way Dwain could explain what he was feeling while looking at that blue glow.

And that is when the front door began to open. Startled, Dwain almost looses his balance of the steps, but regains his composure in time to see Farmer Steve step onto the porch.

Dwain there you are!” Farmer Steve was seemed very happy to see Dwain.

I've been waiting for you, come in, you need a glass of milk. It's fresh, got it from 'ol Besty herself.”

Nervous due to the blue glow that Farmer Steve is emitting, but afraid of losing his job, Dwain follows Steve into the house. They walk into the kitchen, alone. Everything appeared to be normal, except the blue glow of Steve and the 15 glasses of milk sitting on the table.

Why so much milk Farmer Steve? Sorry to ask, it just seems odd to have that many glasses of milk prepared.” Dwain's voice faltered slightly as he continued to speak. His nervousness of the situation was slowing turning into fear. Something wasn't right here, something was off.

Steve looked at him a moment,and without saying anything, walked to the table to get a glass of milk, and handed it to Dwain. Dwain took a drink, wanting to get this over with and get away from here as soon as possible. And then the feeling again, the spoken word felt rather than heard.

Instantly, Dwain recognized what he was experiencing, and realized he would experience it for the remainder of his life. Because at that moment, he came to this realization because, he was one with the hive mind protected by the meteor. And the mind hive was the “spoken word” he had “felt.”

The End

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