All hail Queen Bessy

Later that night...

Bessy walks into the barn but there was something strange about her. She is walking upright on her hind legs and holding a pitchfork with her front legs. The other cows moo in confusion and the other animals stare just oblivious to the feat. Bessy and the pitchfork glow a brighter blue and she shoots a plasma ball at each of the animals with the pitchfork like it was some sort of magic sorcery. 

The cows stand up and leave their gated pens on their hind legs. Their faces morph to be more human like though still share many cow like features. The chickens grow and stand four feet tall and also start to look more human. There is also one goat and a cat Bessy changes as well.

An hour later into the darkness of the night you could here from the barn a chant: "All hail Queen Bessy! All hail Queen Bessy!"

Bessy then orders the cat and the goat to take the farmer's truck out to get supplies and they leave and come back several times bringing food, drinks, construction tools, wood and nails, and many other building supplies. Bessy orders two of her fellow cows to get a cement truck to begin building a wall around the barn. By mid day tomorrow the Farm Animal Castle was to be finished.

The brother and sister wake up in the middle of the night to watch from their bedroom window the strange blue light and sounds coming from the barn. 

"Sheryl, what is that racket out there?" Meryl asks.

"I'm not sure, brother, but I don't like it! Something glowing blue out there just like our Paw and that there space rock out yonder," she says staring out the window.

"Should we check it out?" he asks.

"No, brother, we should wait until mornin'. Paw will get mad, he always hears us sneakin' out, 'member?"

"You're right, sis. Let's try to sleep for now." Meryl says after looking out the window with Sheryl. They both lay back down in there beds and say goodnight. 

A moment later Sheryl says. "Brother?"

"Yeah, sis?"

"I'm kinda scared."

"Me too. But, it'll be okay, I promise. Let's get some rest."

The End

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