Extraterrestrial Interests

The luminous glow of the space rock shined brighter and brighter as time passed by. While it may be a spectacle for some, others weren't too pleased by the development.

Zyock looks down from his home to see the vast, blue glow of the space rock that just passed by a few minutes ago. The shining rock was hard to make out among Earth's vast amount of oceans, but his enhanced vision let him pick out every detail of the crashed object. He noticed an unsightly human pass by the rock with confusion in his eyes. A creature he was not familiar with conversed with him and gave him some sustenance. The human walked away while the creature stayed put.

Zyock couldn't believe this. Why is it that Earth got all of these unidentified flying objects? He wanted a chance to study these things, to see what made them glow, what happened when things reacted with any reaction with the rock. It made him want to fly down from the moon even more, but he knew he wasn't allowed.

In the middle of his pondering, Zyock's friend Tyx sat down next to him and observed the disturbance in Earth's atmosphere.

"Rhty fnngh oppo re hngas?" (What is that down there?) Tyx asks.

"Yhann euuio ber thaf grio pookn van." (I believe it's another one of those 'special' comets.) Zyock responds while stroking his neck hair.

"Thuj bads polmn gds?! Rehyy unde rth mikka redz!" (Another one?! We never get a chance to receive space's gifts!) Tyx says, frustration tinging his voice.

Zyock ignores his comment and continues to stroke his neck hair. If only their were some way for him to be able to investigate the rock without breaking the Moon Treaty of 1969. If only their were some way...

"Toij vyrhh nadse omnjk weds nuin klomn?" (Does the Moon Treaty of 1969 disallow human brainwashing?) Zyock asks as he turns to his friend.

"Toup... Toup mret yubvanl." (No... No it doesn't.) Tyx says, picking up the idea.

"Rgnahgd yopoo toupet shha luhnba, thyi wgrth plion ahss nreyh ooitn." (It may not be entirely ethical, but I think I can get away with it.) Zyock says as he stands up on his hind legs. He turns to the direction of Mars and makes his way to the center of the moon, with Tyx trailing behind him.

The End

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