JDog and Poprocks

Meanwhile the farmers two children Sheryll and her brother Meryll were out on the other side of the farm earning their keep, trolling for night crawlers.

"Look at this bugga Shery, I reckon this fellows eight inches long." Meryll said dangling the worm from his fingertips.

Sheryll made a face, "Aw come on Mer would you get to work. I've got to go and make myself all pretty yet for-"

"No Shery don't even say it." Meryll interupted.

"- for my date with JDog."

"I thought I told you to stay away from dem yankees!" Meryll said spitting out a suspicious lump that had been stashed away under his lower lip.

Meryll batted her eyelashes, just the very thought of JDog made her swoon, "What we have is special Meryll. I am his witch and he is my-

"Don't even say it." Meryll warned.

"He is my pimp-"  Meryl cleared his throat loudly.

Sheryll through her brother a warning look, how dare he disturb  her daydreams with his skeptisism. "As I was saying he is my pimple faced,pasty skinned, baggy jeaned heartthrob. He writes my rhyming songs, he does."

Meryll rolled his eyes, before he could even offer his fity cents on the subject something glowing caught his eye.  "Wow." He said in amazement before he took off in the direction of the glowing spectacle.

"Come here girl, come on." He said patting his leg urging his sister to keep up.

Sheryll loved a good run. She used both her arms and legs when breaking off into a sprint, it helped her gain momentum. In no time she caught up with her brother. Who rewarded her with a pat on the head for her obedience, "Good girl." He said.

Sheryl beamed.

"Now Sheryll would you look at that." Meryll said pointing to the glowing rocks only few feet away from them.

Sheryll gasped in surprise. "What do you think it is?" She asked

"Pa's been harvesting pop rocks." Meryll announced, grinning from ear to ear.

Sheryll nodded in agreement, "Most defenetley." 

Together the twins approached the rocks. What a treat! sheryll thought

The End

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