Poor Bessy!

Okay, protagers!!! I'm inviting you to try out this wacky idea. I'm challenging everyone on this site to help me create the most random story EVAR!!!

Dragons, aliens, cowboys, the opera, failed experimental science projects, doomsday, a love story, or just complete randomness! Kill off characters, bring in new ones, first person, third person, third person omniscient, however you'd like to write it.
It SORT OF has to make sense.
Someone else must write a page before you write a new

In a small town, population three hundred and sixty-four called Middle of Somewhere, USA...

A meteor lands on a cow. There is a big explosion and the cow is nowhere to be seen.


Farmer Steve goes out to investigate after making a phone call to someone into to town. As he takes his old truck down the dirt road to see what had crashed in his field he sees the smoke rising from it. 

What is this? The farmer says to himself and spits out some chew and scratches his head. He then goes back to his truck and grabs his shot gun; walks back to the meteor and pokes it with the barrel of the gun.

"Stupid space rock killed Bessy... Poor ol' Bess. I was gonna eat her anyways..." He spits again, recognizing the cow ear with his farmer's tag. "That sure is unlucky, though."

The farmer decides there is nothing to do than just let it sit. Maybe someone from in town will want a better look at the 'space rock' so he makes some more calls. Though, after he leaves to go back to his house the rock begins to glow.

The End

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