Who's She?

woman goes mad, and boy has to stop her

Who is She?


Her eyes twitched under her closed eyelids. Her hands shifted uneasily. A tremor shook her body. Then her eyes snapped open and she fell to the floor, quivering and shaking.

        I grabbed my mobile phone, but then it stopped. Her eyes flickered and snapped open. They were no longer wide and fearful, but milky white. She clambered unsteadily to her feet. She moaned, “I must get to Edward. My love, I’m coming.” Then she headed towards the emergency exit. I leapt up, but she had already pulled open the door and dived out. I gasped. There was a number of questions buzzing around my head, among these; who was Edward? Her father? Her brother? Or her husband? And secondly, who was she? These thoughts chased each other around my head, giving me a severe headache.

The End

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