who's idea was school holidays?

6:00am the bedroom door opens, jack or sophie what one is up first today? i ask myself. a little blonde fringe pokes around the corner, little blue eys blink in the light, then that beutifull mouth opens and i think to my self "god i wish you were mute"

6:02am and she is singing, im not a bad person what did i do to deserve this? everyday i wake up at 6:00am to a four year old single james blunt very badly or a six year old asking for breakfast! i mean who the hell wakes up at 6 and wants breakfast at 6:05.

6:05 and i have just heard james blunt your beutiful for the third time this week and its only thursday, part of me is hoping jack wakes up first tomorrow. i am seriously contemplating shift work just to avoid the early mornig wake ups.

6:10am im in the kitchen making two bowls of weetabix thinking oh $#%@ ive got five more weeks of this till they are back at school whos idea was school holidays? are the weekends not enough?

The End

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