Short story for my ESL students to practice vocabulary words from lesson 2.

Rodrigo comes home from work. He opens the door and walks slowly into the house. He sees a big mess in the middle of the kitchen. Someone knocked over the wastebasket and made a mess. Now, there is food everywhere.

He quickly looks around the house to see if anyone else is there. But he doesn’t find anyone. So, he goes back to the kitchen. He looks around for clues. He looks at mess on the counter and on the floor.

There are several boxes of cereal ripped open on the table. He looks in the fridge and sees that a few cans of beans and corn were scattered around.

He looks under the table and sees that a couple of bags of rice were ripped open too. He picks up a can of corn that was in the sink. He puts it back in the cabinet and closes the doors.

Just then, his wife walks in. She sees the mess in the middle of the kitchen and screams. It scares Rodrigo and he screams too.

He gives her the phone and tells her to call the police. She takes it and starts to dials 911. Just then they hear a loud noise. Rachel throws the phone on the floor and quickly runs for the door. Rodrigo dashes out the door too.    

The End

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