The Water Will Cleanse You

"He..." the Duke rose slowly from the water, "He tried to eat me!"

Stak let the guard free and it slid down into the water, unconscious.

"Uh, Well, I'm sure," Don stammered, looking around to see where they had landed, "I'm sure he had his reasons."

"It was the NightTime," Stak grumbled, lifting the guard into the air, "It turns the slimes into monsters. You humans have an equivalent- you call them zombies."

Stak turned and stepped over the stones until he made it to the shore.

The Duke shook his stumpy head, lurching through the water, "I'm soaked to the brain."

"Wait, what did you say?" Don stepped towards Stak, "First of all, zombies aren't real, and second of all- what do you mean by 'you humans'?"

"I'm sorry, was that racist? I thought calling you a homosapien was more offensive..." Stak threw the guard aside, "I'm sure he'll wake up in an hour. The NightTime only come every other day."

"If you're not a human, then what are you?"

"Wow, who's the racist now?" Stak turned to face him with his hands on his hips, "For the record, never be fooled.Are you a fool?"


"You're not a fool! There are no humans in Woahza. If you ever see a human, stay away from them."

"But you are a human!"

"Think about it, boy!" Stak rolled his eyes, "I'm seven feet tall, hairy as all hell, and I've got Bessie, here."

Stak reached up to his shoulder and rubbed a hand over the animal's back.

"What does the bird have to do with what species you are?" Don asked. Stak closed his eyes and shook his head.

"The bird is a part of me," he said, as the animal opened its wings.

Beneath, Don saw that the entire bottom half of the bird took the form of a metallic slinky spring. The body morphed into the spring and the spring spiralled into Stak's shoulder.

"Now come on!" Stak huffed, "We've got doors to knock!"

The End

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