Portal gun?!

Time froze. The Nighttime seemed to run at them as if they were in slow motion. The bubbling bathwater and rushing of little feet lowered into a deep drone as a bright yellow light erupted from the end of the gun. Don covered his eyes.

The world turned bright white. The bath house spun and twirled around them, mixing into an ornate pinwheel of colours. Don felt like he was being slapped on the chest as the ground spun around him. Then, the world began to resurrect itself in another pinwheel of luminescent green and purple.

Don's foot collided with the ground, crunching in its socket as it did so. He shrieked in pain, collapsing to the ground and squeezing his eyes shut. The world returned to him as his eyes spun under his eyelids.

Don tentatively opened his eyes a crack. The purple concrete rested under his hands and whirled out into the gazebo, down the stone steps. Looking up, he saw marvellous marble columns and rows and rows of luscious green forestry. The sun tinkled through the tree canapé, which bathed the city in a cool green shade.

Dan cautiously got to his hands and knees; his ankle stinging in the socket.

"Don't be concerned," Stak smiled, "You're not the only one to twist their leg in the portal."

"What is that, some kind of portal gun?" Don cringed as he steadied himself on his good foot.

Stak shot a glare at him, "It's a gun portal. We've got copyright to consider, don't you know?"

Don cocked his head and Stak rolled his eyes.

"Come on, I'll help you," Stak threw Don's arm over his shoulder and began carrying him towards the end of the gazebo. Don was amazed to see hundreds of little green slimes hovering beneath their little grass tree huts and moving back and forth between their businesses. Stak cheered, "Welcome young traveller, to Slime Central!"

The End

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