"It's Her Own Fault For Sneaking Up On Me"

"Ew, how can you still speak with your face all jenked up like that?" Don said curiously.

"I can regenerate myself Mr. Dagner" Madam Slime said with an indeterminable facial expression.

"Mr. Who?!" Stak cried

"That's me Stak, My name is Don Dagner..."

"Whoaza! I thought it was Don Danger" Stak replied 

"What? what kind of name is that? I'm not cartoon archaeologist or something!" Don said quite offended

"Ahem..." they had almost forgotten about Madam Slime.

"Oh, We do apologize Madam, please continue" Stak said embarrassed.

 "Good." Madam Slime said as she produced a tiny bell of sorts.

Madam Slime tapped the side of the tiny instrument with a small metal cylinder, then Don and Stak heard a sound like sandpaper on a rusty iron bar. An enormous purple toad seemed to melt out of the far wall of Madam Slimes abode. It made a slurpy gurgling sound as it's giant purple maw expanded until it reached the floor.

"This is it boys. Your new door." Madam Slime said with a bright smile

"I was wondering when there would be a door involved in this story about doors" Stak interjected 

"What the hell... That frog just... Its mouth..." Don stared in shock

"Well, Go ahead... Punch the door Mr. Dagner" Madam Slime said, still smiling

Don looked at Stak for assurance, but Stak was distracted as he seemed to have just realized his shoulder perching friend was no where in sight. So Don turned back to Madam Slime.

"Where does it go?" Don asked

"Depends who punches it.." She answered

"So.. the punching.. is... important?" Don questioned

"Not really, but isn't it fun!?" Madam Slime said gleefully 

"Mmhmm... Not so much..." Don mumbled

He went ahead and punched the door anyway and it swung open with great force, Don peered into the open doorway and saw only swirling lines of gray and white, It looked as if it might be a room full of old men smoking cigars. Then Stak shoved Don forward and Don could hear Madam Slime wishing them well on their travels. Suddenly Don was surrounded by sounds, It was animals, Only they had a metallic quality to their cries. He couldn't see any smoke here, but it sure smelled like something nasty. The ground was also vibrating slightly, Stak didn't seem to notice, He only stood up and took a deep breath.

"Ahhh... This is the Kroke Jungle Don!" Stak shouted.

The End

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