Go to the Nearby Bath House and Soak For a Bit

"I know a fella' who runs the bath house around here, we can clean up and get this maggot-gagging smell off of us, let's hurry!" Stak shouted, grabbing hold of Don's hand

The Slime Guard moaned and gurgled in what must of been the slime equivalent to agony. It took several minutes to reach the Bath House, and by that time Don noticed that The Guard had grown almost twice it's original size. 

"Stak, what's happening to it?" Don half-whispered 

"Eck, I guess its all that goop building up inside it.." Stak said gravely 

Suddenly The Guard detached itself from Don and began to writhe and bubble on the bath house's front step, the floating brain inside it was no longer visible as the color of the guard's body became dark and cloudy. It wretched and burped as slime spattered the ground in front of it, it began to violently vomit and to everyone's surprise, Duke! 

"Wha? but, how?!" Don burst out

"Oh wow! It was all fat because it ate Ol' Dukey!" Stak cried.

Stak's burly face went blank, He raised his leg in a bend behind him like he was getting ready to kick a football, and in one confident motion, he punted what was left of the macerated slime guard.

"Stak! What the hell was that?! all that work carrying him here and y-" Don bellowed 

"Calm down, I'm surprised the Nighttime hasn't pillaged the meat off our very bones already" Stak shouted "We need to get inside and wash up"

So they entered the bath house and Duke was gone again for some reason. Stak might have kicked him as well but nobody saw it, so I guess we'll never know.. or will we? 

"Ay! Mister Olk, it's been too long old friend! where are ya?" Stak shouted as he hopped swiftly into the water "I want you to meet this boy I found out wandering the Dorer area all alone!"

"Oh well, maybe he's asleep?" Don remarked as he scrubbed the stinky slop off of his body


The bath house's front door snapped in half with a creaking cracking sound and sleek, black, evil stench-beasts poured into the room.

"Dag nabbit! we're supposed to be safe indoors!" Stak screamed as he exploded into action "Don! we have to move!" Stak once again took the silver revolver from his leather satchel in one swift reflex. 

Everything was moving in slow-motion, Don noticed tons of ornate inscriptions on the guns metal as Stak's hand made its way to the typical gun firing position, What happened next though, Don was not expecting.

The End

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