Search For a River to Drain off the Death Goo

Don squeezed his eyes shut as he and Stak flew through the emerald trees. The wonder and splendour whizzed past him, unseen by his eyes. In a few short seconds a wave of water washed over them and Don could feel a torrent of coldness driving into his skull. Somewhere, Stak let go of him and Don's knees collided with the bed of the shallow river. They were positioned under a small waterfall. Don rose from the water, spluttering and spitting the fresh water from his mouth.

"Hey, don't drink that!" Stak shouted at him.

Don took a minute to regain his breath. Then Stak held the slime up against the wall of the waterfall and the water cascaded down its slimy body. The guard had swollen twice its size and its body had turned black and nightmarish. Soon, the water permeated the gelatinous form, seeping into the blackness and washing it away down the river. The guard continued spluttering and vomiting until the water had cleansed its entire body, and then he was silent, but still large and swollen.

"Why is he big like that?" Don panted. Stak turned around and looked at him as if he didn't realise he was there.

"I don't know," he said, still holding the slime up to the wall. It began to quiver and jerk, then Stak looked into it's green, goopy body. It had two brains inside its head.

The slime the lurched towards Stak and vomited a messy stream of opaque green goo. The goo wrapped around Stak, staining his clothes and his hair. The animal on his shoulder screeched and flew into the air to avoid the messy spew.

While Stak was groaning in disgust, the bulk of the vomit landed on the bed of the river, wrapped in a wet, spoiled tuxedo.

"Duke?" Don gasped.

The End

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