Use the Distraction to Get to the Mansion

Just then, A thunderous chorus of bare feet slapping cobblestone ripped through the air. Hundreds upon hundreds of greasy snake headed beasts darker than the deepest corner of outer space rounded the corner nearest to them. It was as if the smell of this vile black goop the slime threw up was attracting them.

"Blarghahhh!" The slime officer continued to belch the thick black liquid

"Oh no! Stak! what the hell are those things!?!" Don screamed and pointed at the oncoming hoard of creatures 

"That's nighttime Don, We've gotta' get inside before we both end up with our guts spilled all over the cobble" Stak said oddly calm

Don suddenly noticed that the Duke of Slime had disappeared 

"Where'd Duke go?! and what about this guy!?" Don motioned to the rapidly depleting slime officer "We can't just leave him like this!"

"Bah! I'm not touching that pal!" Stak replied as he grabbed Don's shoulder and started to run towards one of the silver platforms that lay at the base of nearly every tree-house in sight.

In an instant, Don witnessed the Snake-headed creatures stop near the assumed dead officers deflated body and begin to feast.

Don felt air rushing past him as he was abruptly tossed through a bamboo doorway and landed with a solid thump on the bamboo floor.

"We oughta' be okay now buddy" Stak gasped

"Those things!.. they were.. They were eating him!" Don screamed still short on breath

"The Nighttime relies on Disease, famine, anger, hatred and whatever else goes into the Pure Evil Stew, For sustenance" Stak explained between deep breath's 

"The presence of 'Granny Disease' is what's drawin' em in I reckon" he added

"ACK! ahem ACK ACHG!" 

"What the heck?! who's there? Stak? did you hear that?" Don spat

"Ahh Madam Slime, I was wondering when you'd join us" Stak said gleefully

The End

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