Night-Slime terrors

"This a city?" Don shouted as the wind fluttered through his hair, "I don't see any streets..."

With that, the pelican crashed through the canopy of emerald trees and smacked against the ground. Don felt the push of inertia and shot off the bird's back. The world spun around him and he landed with a crack against the root of an abnormally large banana-leaf tree. Groaning, he stared into the sky. Stak and the Duke were still sat firmly atop the bird, getting ready to climb off.

"You feeling peachy yet, Munchkin?" Stak laughed as his big boots crashed into the leaves.

Don rolled over in agonising pain, groaning and mumbling things about watermelon and armadillo juice; the kind of things he wouldn't remember saying later due to his throbbing concussion. As he got to his knees, he looked up into the grove.

"You sure do spend a lot of time in the dirt," Stak rolled his eyes and pulled Don to his feet with one tremendous haul.

"This place..." Don began in bewilderment. Hanging from every thick branch were hovering bamboo huts. Along the forest floor were cobblestone drives surrounded by gleaming marble statues of men and strange animals. At the very end of the green city stood a tall, proud stone mansion, wrapped around trees and adorned with white frosty columns and glossy blue windows. Old oil-lamps stood across tall poles and shone brightly down the row of trees.

"Stop right there!" a slime almost indistinguishable from the duke, aside from the fact he was nude with just a utility belt strung over his shoulder, came bolting before them with a big green arm-like stump pointed outwards, "We cannot allow you to enter!"

"Jeez," Stak jumped back, "Where did you come from?"

"There's been an outbreak of Granny Disease in the city. We cannot allow anyone in or out for risk of transporting it."

"We're just here to see Madam Slime," the Duke said, stepping forwards, "I am Duke Slime of this city and I demand you let me through.

"I'm sorry sir, but with all due respect..." the officer of the Slime began, but was cut of by a growling noise.

In an instant, he lurched forwards and a cascade of black goo exploded out of his mouth, emptying onto the street and rolling over Don's shoes. Don cringed and stepped back, but it was no use.

"Oh no," the officer cried despairingly between gasps, before emptying his insides out along the cobblestone again, "I've got it too!"

The End

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