Spare Me, Good Sir

"Madam Slime?" Don had lowered his voice as if someone might be listening "Is she.. you know-" 

"-Made out of slime? Haha!" Stak interrupted "Not quite, She adopted that name due to the odd company she keeps"

"So she hangs arou-" Don started

"-All in due time! Wouldn't want to overwhelm you pal" Stak interjected once again 

Stak made his way to one corner of the dark room, Hunched over and started to mumble, Before Don could even begin to try and figure out what he was saying, The walls began to separate at the corners, and white light poured in. 

"Hurry along now fella'!" Don heard Stak shouting. But the bright light was blinding and Don was already quite disoriented. Just as he was thinking this, a meat-mallet of a hand grasped his shoulder and yanked him in some indeterminable direction that felt like up and down at the same time.

Then everything went black.

Don opened his eyes and felt hot sunlight on his face, as well as a pounding headache that felt like a double bass was strumming a painful rhythm inside his skull.

"AYE! Look who's awake!" That familiar grumbling voice of the giant man called Stak

"St-Stak..? Wha-" Don mumbled

"I'd like you to meet The Duke of Slime! No one sees Madam Slime without a referral from Ol' Dukey here" Stak said rather gleefully as he loomed over Don. And Don noticed the weird creature had disappeared from Stak's shoulder.

Don leaned to see behind Stak, There was a short stumpy creature that looked as if it was comprised of mainly some kind of swampy goopy mucous substance, with what appeared to be a brain floating around inside the "Dukes" head. He was dressed in a fancy looking suit and top-hat.

"Well uh, Hi, Nice to meet you Duke" Don said more clearly as his headache started to subside 

"Charmed I'm sure.." The Duke spoke like he had a mouth full of marbles and his voice almost had a greasy quality to it.

"Hey Stak, Can I talk to you over here for a minute.. alone" Don said

"Nope" Stak replied "No time for questions old pal, We've got to get going!"

The Duke of Slime pulled a shiny blue whistle out of his jacket pocket and blew into it softly. Suddenly a massive gray pelican appeared in the sky and landed a few meters from where they were standing with a soft thud. It didn't make a sound, Just lowered one of its wings for the group to climb aboard its back. they climbed up one by one and when they were all safely settled, The Duke blew the whistle again, Harder this time, and the fantastic bird took off. 

A few minutes after taking off, Don saw what looked like a giant zipper hanging open just hovering ahead of them, and to Don's amazement, They flew right into the middle of it. He closed his eyes as he felt them speed up and begin to corkscrew toward the ground fast. when they stopped turning, Don opened his eyes and was shocked to see that the entire landscape had taken on different hues of green and appeared to have rivers and streams twisting and bending in every direction.


The End

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