...and behind door number 1?

Choose your fate.

Don Dagner, A 20 year old man is wrongly convicted of homicide and sent to jail but soon wakes up in a grassy field with absolutely no recollection of his past or how he arrived at this place, Seeing countless free-standing rectangular structures on the expansive horizon, He comes to realize he must explore this foreign landscape to find out who he is and how he got here, as well as make a few new friends to accompany him along the way.

"HEYY!!!" Don screamed at the dark figure in the distance
Whatever it was it just kept on walking, He could not tell whether they were walking towards him or away, but he was confused enough already and besides, he wasn't sure it even WAS a person.
"I better just relax and try to get my bearings here.."
But the only thing he could recall was waking up here in this expansive green landscape, and nothing before.
"huh?" Don spotted what looked like a small wooden shack on the horizon.
"Well, maybe someone lives there, they can tell me where I am.." 
Don was not worried or afraid, He was generally a pretty brave and intelligent guy, Not quick to jump to conclusions, Although he was admittedly quite confused.
Don bent down, Pulled his shoelaces tight, and started to walk down a half-beaten path toward the rectangular structure in the distance.

As he walked onward toward the dark structure, he noticed the smells, sounds and colors that surrounded him, sweet honey and vanilla greeted his nostrils and the buzz of some large beetle made his eardrums vibrate. But it somehow made him uneasy, The vibrant beauty of it felt alien.

"This is some place" Don mumbled to himself

"Some place indeed!" a strange voice shouted, It surprised Don and made him fall backward into the tall grass

"Huh?! HEY! Who's there?!" Don snapped "Show yourself!"

"Whoaza! calm down big fella', The names Stak" The voice was deep, and rumbling like it was coming through the blades of a running chainsaw.

A beast of a human with a beard like a mountain emerged from some kind of trap-door half covered in dead grass, He was wearing rough patchy leather clothing and with a strange animal perched on his right shoulder, He extended a hand to shake as his voiced boomed at Don again

"Hey! I figured it was YOU Don Dagner!"

Don scrambled to his feet "How do you know my name? and who the hell are you calling big fella'? You must be 8 feet tall!"

"Hey, Don't start with me bud, You want some help here or not?" Stak interjected sarcastically

"But.. Why should I even trust you? Mysterious giant man" Don asked

"Hey! It's "Stak" you can call me that or I can pop your skull open like a melon"

"Okay Stak.. My apologies, So, you live down there? in that hole?" Don said with soft cadence, He wasn't looking to make any enemies in this strange place.

"Aheh.. Hole?.. Oh, you mean the port I came through" Stak replied "No, I was just in there looking for THIS!" 

Stak reached over his left shoulder and produced a very old looking silver revolver

The End

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