Who turned out the lights?

If it was dark permanently...

      The street lamps flickered into life along the leaf littered street. 

The stars above began to creep out from their hiding place and fill the sky with a million wonders. 

All was quiet. All was well. 

In her third floor flat, Georgina Applegate was sat up in her bed. The bedside lamp bathed the room in a comforting orange glow. 

Sat on the bedside table was the latest novel by her favourite author. As far as she was concerned, the world was right. 

A little less than an hour later, the book slipped from her hands and fell to the floor. Georgina's snoring signalled the beginning of another night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. 

The electronic buzzing of the alarm shattered the silence of the morning and dragged Georgina from her peaceful slumber. 

The led display flickered: 7:15 am. 

Her hand reached from under the duvet and groped at the alarm clock, desperately seeking the snooze button. She hit the button, sunk underneath the duvet and was back to sleep. 

She finally awoke to the sound of cats having a conversation outside in the street. 

She shuffled out of bed and headed for her window, oblivious to the lack of light beyond her yellow curtains.

She pulled open the curtains and rubbed her eyes. She want seeing things, she wasn't dreaming, everything was black. Not a light to be seen. 

Cup of coffee in hand, and wrapped in a winter coat, but still with pink pyjama bottoms showing, she stood outside. 


She looked left and right. Other people were milling about in the darkness, just as confused as she was. 

She looked up. No glimmering moon, no twitching dots of light punctuating the inky blackness. Nothing. Not a light to be seen. 

She opened the gate and crossed the road. She took out her mobile phone and using the torch function, walked down her street. 

She had made it as far as the crossroads when she stopped. She couldn't see them, but the darkness was filled with the confused ponderings of other folk. 

"Bloody council. I don't pay my taxes for this bollocks," a man she couldn't see raged. 

She made it to the small parade of shops at the next corner. 

She held her hands out in front of her and groped the darkness. She knew there was a bench here somewhere. 

"Ow. Jesus," she screamed. 

She'd found it. She sat down and began to furiously run her shin. She stopped, only because she could hear laughter beside her. 

She looked to her left and could just make out a figure. 

"Hello dear," a kindly, gentle voice said. 

"Err...hello," Georgina replied. 

She felt a hand text on her leg. She froze. 

"It's ok. There's nothing to fear, the lady said. "I suppose you are wondering what's going on, aren't you?"

Georgina nodded. 

"I thought as much," the lady said. 

"There was once a time, when people would look to the skies and feel wonder."

Georgina smiled. 

"They would marvel at the beauty of both the sun and the moon, and all they would bring." The woman sighed. "You once worshipped these things. They were once held with such regard. They were miracles."

Georgina felt a soft hand coupled in hers. 

"Make it so again, my darling. Help bring back the wonder. Bring back the light. Until such time, there will be darkness. Sorry."

Georgina reached for her phone. She switched on the torch and shone it to her left. There was nobody there. 

Georgina made her way home. This was the strangest start to any day. 

She wandered into her bedroom. Lying flat on her bed, she closed her eyes; She tried to convince herself it was all a dream. 

The alarm buzzed again. It was 7:30 am. 

The darkness has persisted ever since. 

The End

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