Who Rules Enchanted Soil

Erik is a prince, and heir to the entire Kingdom of Attamore. Mandy is his cousin from the Outside world. His job is to introduce her to the magic of the Land.
Shane is a farmer's son from the Kingdom's poorest corner. And Claudia is his sister, who is disabled due a magical irregularity that occured at her birth.
The divisions have lasted two hundred and twelve years, but they can't last forever.

Attamore is a special place. Not just anyone can find it. Only those with magic in their veins and hope in their hearts can soar high enough and look down  on the clouds, see the highest aeroplanes as the size of a grain of rice, and then hear the call of the Attamorian forests.

Attamore is a Magical land where Good and Peace are determined to triumph over Evil and War. But this often comes at a price.

Once, Attamore was united; those from different areas mingled, aided and traded with one another. But that's a different story. Now the Emerald District reigns in superiority over the Land, while the Onyx District, the Sapphire District, the Garnet District and the Crystal District have certain power over their own government.

And then there is the Zircon District. During the last civil war, after the Great Bloodshed of Duggansville (now the capital of the Emerald District), a peace treaty among the people of Attamore as a whole decided the fighitng would stop, and Home Rule would be granted to most of the Districts, as long as one district would be left in the power of the capital.

The district chosen was the Zircon District. Low ecomonic growth, the highest poverty of the entire Land, and its unfortunate geographical circumstances - it takes two weeks to travel here from the Emerald District, and two to return - it has since been neglected by its ruling city.

On top of that, there is little scope for education, so that children in this area are rarely ever trained in the Art of Magic. In fact, you'd never know that the Zircon District was part of a magical Kingdom at all. It just appears an average countryside where agriculture is the only source of income.

For two hundred and twelve years, the Treaty of Duggansville is still in place.

But at the heart of the most magical building in all the land - the Emerald Palace - a link has already been established to the poorest, most magic-starved part of the Kingdom.

The End

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