Who Needs A Cape?Mature

In the past Heroes arose in times of need. Men and Woman took an extra step forward and put themselves on the firing line for their fellow people. These people had gifts that were supposedly given to them by the Gods of lost religions. However, as times of peace became normal and prosperity was not being held back, Heroes drifted away. Vanishing. 

Heroes slowly died as history became myth, and myth turned to legend, and legend became a forgotten bed time story. Now, in todays world, when war becomes overwhelming and the darkness no longer resides in just shadows, extra ordinary individuals must rise to the occasion. They must accept responsibilities they might not be ready for. 

These men and women must ready themselves. They must man the battlements, stop the unstoppable, kill the unkillable and rise against the falling tide. 

And when humanity has turned in on itself, and savagery rips at the seams of life, not one man or woman will help, but all the good that rests at the bottom of souls will rise to the surface, and there, a group of Heroes will fight for Humanities survival, and just like in the stories of old the forces of darkness will duel with that of good.

The End

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