Who Killed My BrotherMature

Because it wasn't me...

The blood pumped out of her arm, leaking down in a thick red pool. Her eyes stared at it without seeing, terror catching and halting her voice in her throat. She wanted to scream, but it felt as if her mouth had a zipper over it, sealing it shut. The cool breeze drifted into her room again as the door creaked open, bringing the morbid stature of her deceased brother in with it. A knife quite literally stabbed his back, and had he been translucent as most ghosts are, one would have been able to see the blade push right into his spinal cord.
He slunk over to her and gazed at her arm, a cruel smile dancing across his lips.
“Kristina,” Andrew growled, clucking his tongue disapprovingly and shaking his head. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”
Tears stung her eyes as she watched him sit on her bed, wincing as he did so, but the jeering glint still gleaming in his green eyes. Much like he was in life, his cheeks were full and flecked with freckles, and his red hair wisped in little curls around his ears.
“Does it hurt?” he simpered, looking into her blue eyes. “Hmm?” He grinned and barked out a harsh laugh, then wincing again.
The tears began streaking down Kristina’s cheeks, her arm twitching as blood continued to pour out of it, surely staining the yellow rug by her bedside…
“At least you FEEL something,” her brother snarled, standing up. “How did this happen, anyway?” he demanded, reaching out to cradle her arm, but his hand slipping right through hers.
“I-Don’t-Know!” Kristina gasped, clutching it to her chest but squeaking and releasing it as the red liquid stained her nightshirt and agony resonating through her system.
The knife in Andrew’s back shuddered, and a second later, it was on the ground, covered in his blood. “I can’t control it,” he said with a smile. He arched his back with a sigh, like a cat waking up from a long nap, continuing to grin with that terrible, haunting edge to it. “So,” he said, craning his neck to look at her. “Why’d ya do it? Jealous of all this?” He laughed without humor, his voice catching darkly at the last two words.
“Do-What?” Kristina cried, her left side going numb from the loss of blood.
“This!” Andrew screamed at her, jumping to his feet. “THIS!” he shouted again, whirring around, showing her the gash in his spine.
“I-didn’t-do-it!” Kristina exclaimed, shaking madly.
Andrew screamed something unintelligible, but sounding vaguely like a mix of cuss words all strung together. “Of course you did! You backstabbing little bitch!” he shouted. “Who else would have done it?”
Kristina sobbed and sobbed, blood continuing to pour. Finally, her limbs slackened and her head lolled to the side. Her eyes glazed over, staring straight into Andrew’s, but before she died, her lips uttered, “Not….me…”

The End

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