Who Is This Guy, Barney Stinson?Mature

Ethan slammed his car door shut and sent a text to his friend Pete: I’m here. Where you at, bro? Then he walked inside the Fox and Hound and handed his ID to the bouncer. The bouncer said, “Have a good time, Ethan.”

“Will do, man.” Ethan said, reading his friend’s text: I’m up front by the bar. See that girl next to me? Yeah, I slept with her.

Who is this guy, Barney Stinson? Ethan thought.

Ethan admired his view and couldn’t help but smirk. Pete certainly got around. To Ethan, the question was always, will I get some scraps tonight? He was a likable guy, somewhat shy. Trying to get over the baggage of his past relationship. And Pete was his personal trainer and the guy who insisted he got out of the house.

Pete was talking to another of his conquests. Ethan decided to grab a beer and then swing by the table.

“Tell her that I’m not a jerk,” Pete said.

“He’s kind of a jerk,” Ethan said. “But he’s our jerk.”

“You’re an enabler, sir,” she said. Then in a pleading voice, proceeded to enable Pete. “Come visit me later, Pete? I miss you.”

“We’ll see,” Pete said.

The End

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