He had five minutes. Then they were coming in.

His mouth was instantly devoid of any moisture as he croaked out, "I called the police." They didn't seem to hear him.
"I called the police, you idiots!"

His loud words rung out as their laughter died away.
"You what?!" Jason shot at him. It was almost as if he was the kidnapper again, but now there was no pretence.

"Oh my God, you didn't." Jack ran his hands through gelled hair and then slapped the edge of  a bookshelf in anger when the full extent of what this meant sunk in.

Everyone looked at Brian for more information; he felt incredibly small. His palms were growing sweaty again. Why did everything he did have to go wrong. Even the right thing was wrong.

"I-I didn't know what else to do! It's your fault for going too far with this ridiculous charade. What is your problem! It's only a stupid xbox. Couldn't you have just let it go!"

"You told me he wouldn't go blabbing to the cops!" Luke frantically stared at Jack.

"I didn't think he would!"

"Just shut up, alright! I knew I shouldn't have done this crap." Jason stepped forwards, putting out a palm.

"Oh come on man!"

"If it wasn't for your dumbass idea we wouldn't be about to get done by the cops." His head jerked in fury. "I want my share. Right now." His features etched into a still grimace. Ironically, Brian wished this bit was all a joke. A tense moment passed between the two, fiery stares unflinching.

"Whatever." Jack squinted his eyes into a dark look and then slapped a $50 note into his friend's rough palm. As Jason pocketed the cash, Jack angrily shoved his hand back into his tracksuit pocket to bring out another fifty dollars which he reached over and thrust onto Luke's chest.

"Here. Take it."

Luke seemed stunned for a second and Brian realised that he hadn't said anything at all in the last few minutes.

"Er, thanks."He took it and then rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "What the hell though, man. I didn't sign up for this. What we gonna do when the cops get here? How long til-"

Doors banged open around them, making everyone jump. Loud shouts and the sound of heavy clattered running broke up their conversation as policemen began appearing at every side, poised with guns and shouting commands.

"Oh s***!" Jack brought his hands up to his face, covering it in despair.
"Get down! Put your hands in the air!" Brian knew the command was hardly for him but he crouched down anyway, still shaken. What a mess this was now.

The End

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